Sept. 18, 2022

Small phrases create big results.

The point of sale is a great opportunity to set your store apart from the competition. It may seem like common courtesy or pretty basic, but teaching your employees a few simple responses to use when interacting with customers at this stage can go a long way in how the shopper perceives your seaside store. Surprisingly, not every shop on the block is doing it.

When a customer completes a purchase no matter how small, make sure your employee makes eye contact with them and sincerely says, “Thank you.”

Employees should avoid using the phrase: “No problem.” Subtle as it may be, it has a negative connotation.
When a customer thanks you or an employee, enthusiastically respond with these words: “You are most welcome!”

Remember, you want to stand out from your competitors, and these two phrases can help you and your staff do it.

Be sincere

There was a very well-known retail chain that had printed by the cash register what it wanted the cashier to say to the customer when the sale was completed. At one time, this retail chain even had a campaign giving the customer $5 if the cashier didn’t say thank you. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. The result was a cashier who sounded like a robot and avoided making sincere eye contact with the customer at the close of the sale.

You want to stand out from your competitors, and these two phrases can help you and your staff do it.

What the management of this retail chain did not understand was that it’s not possible to force employees s to treat the customer courteously in person or on the phone. So how do you work toward getting that kind of consistent behavior? It starts with who you hire.

Take action

Look for these three important qualities: 1.) They like themselves; 2.) They like other people; and 3.) They have a sincere desire to help and serve other people.

From there you educate, train and reinforce them for consistently demonstrating sincere courtesy in action. You can do this by helping to build their self-confidence, which makes treating others with courtesy and respect come easily. Even if they possess those three essential qualities, the most important factor in their conquering courtesy is how they see you treating staff and managers. Your behavior lays the groundwork for how they will treat the customer.

By taking these actions, you can cultivate a culture of real service that will separate your gift shop from your competitors. Contact me for a free list of questions to lead a discussion on this topic at your next team meeting.