Take a fresh look at your retail business, if you dare.

April 7, 2022

When you think about your gift shop as we move further into 2022, ask yourself this: What would you do if you knew that no matter what, you wouldn’t fail? If you’ve fallen into a habit of the same-old or are feeling stale, you’re not alone. So this year, dare to do something different.

Just about anything we set our minds to, we can achieve. Sure, you’ll hit some bumps in the road and make mistakes, but you’ll also accomplish goals and meet milestones that will move you closer to your short- and long-term vision.

Mission possible

One of the best places to begin is to review your business mission and vision statements. Be honest. Are they collecting dust in a drawer? I like to use the analogy of the mission statement being the engine that drives your vehicle, and the vision is the headlights that shed light on where your company is going. If you’re stalling, it’s time to review and possibly edit them.

I always advise my small business clients to review their mission and vision statements on an annual basis. Why? Because the world, your customers and clients, your employees and you are all constantly changing.

Invite involvement

Involve your team in reviewing the mission and vision so they can contribute their perspectives. If you do not already have these statements, invite your people to share their ideas. When your employees have a stake in the mission and vision, they’re more likely to take ownership in them.

Someone once said, “People don’t argue with their own data.” They buy into and support what they help create.

The mission statement is the engine that drives your vehicle, and the vision is the headlights that shed light on where your company is going.

Power to your people

I was conducting an annual retreat for one of my small business clients and one of the company managers pointed out the mission statement didn’t say anything about valuing the employees. After a short discussion, everyone agreed that simply adding a sentence that clearly stated how the company valued and supported its team members would make the mission statement more meaningful.

The time is now

How about your gift shop? Do you have a mission statement and vision in place? If so, when do you plan to gather your team so they can get involved in helping you update it? If you have not created these statements, when will you sit down with your team to discuss what matters most?