Elevate the in-store shopping experience.

Jan. 16, 2023

The pandemic brought about a profound change in how people shop. A McKinsey & Co. study revealed that 75% of shoppers adopted new ways to buy, including e-commerce. And 75% of those surveyed are continuing to purchase this way.

Fortunately, visitors and tourists are still doing in-person buying as their thirst for travel and exploring new destinations has only grown since the lockdowns were imposed almost three years ago. Thus, 2023 looks to be an overall positive year for destination and travel retail. But seaside retailers can’t take this surge in travel for granted. They will still need to stay on top of their game. These four strategies can help solidify and maximize potential gains this year.

Seaside retailers can’t take this surge in travel for granted. They will still need to stay on top of their game.

1. Service beyond expectations. Many shoppers don’t expect more than a greeting, so approaching them once they show interest in an item is a great way to engage. Share information with them on the product they pick up. Is it locally made? Is it created by an artisan? Does it come in different colors and sizes? Is it currently priced at an excellent value? From there, a conversation can easily follow. You may find that once the conversation starts, the shopper opens up about items they are looking for. Or if they’re just in to browse, they’ll be back in soon because you’ve left a lasting impression.

2. Creating experiential shopping. One surefire way to encourage customers to buy now is to ensure that your displays are enticing and include more than one item. Displaying merchandise by stories, themes or colors automatically creates buying impulses that don’t happen online. Touching and holding items creates a feeling of ownership and brings products so much closer to buyers.

3. Providing omnichannel shopping. When a retailer creates an atmosphere that delivers a locational experience, shoppers want to take that same feeling back with them. As a seaside retailer, you have the advantage of beautiful and scenic surroundings coupled with friendly hometown service. Make sure your customers want more of that feeling when they return home. Let them know you have an online presence and give them an incentive to buy from you again.

4. Offer shipping services. One of the limitations of travel retail is the space it takes in one’s luggage to bring back purchased items. Provide easy shipping solutions for shoppers who may be unable to lug back the products they want to buy.