For many seaside locations, summer inventory is likely winding down and clearing out. It is now time to look at innovative ways to capture the fall market. As crowds thin and your customer profile changes a bit, ideally, so does your merchandise selection.

Your display style can enhance your product values and resonate with seasonal customers. Perhaps it is a shift from a loud, fun and carefree summer style to a more relaxed, easy-on-the-eye vibe incorporating comforting colors of the season. Here are some pointers:

  • Place feature displays at the entrance of selling spaces. This sets expectations as to what customers will find. For example, a locational kitchen accessories section will have a beautiful captivating set-up before the presentation of mass product displays.

  • Start with a nesting table. I prefer three tiers. This creates a cascading approach to the display. Three-tier displays provide a pathway for the eye to go up and down. It will attract shoppers’ attention.

  • Set up a lush wreath or tree. Choose a theme related to the products housed in the section. A souvenir kitchen accessories area, for example, will trim the wreath or tree with things such as tea towels, small gadgets such as can openers, spatulas, measuring cups, etc. Stick to a single color family such as earth tones like ochre yellow and russet.

  • Convey one story per feature display. However, when merchandising multiple categories in a single unit, find a unifying theme such as fabrication, end-use purpose or color.

  • Display small items at eye level. Follow this by items such as spatulas, tea towels, coffee mugs and plates. The bottom tier may house larger items such water pitchers and kitchen rugs.

  • Start with a wreath to center the seasonal display. This will be sitting on the main table with its back supported by the smallest table. Then fill with products using the plan outlined earlier. For an autumn-themed tree or trees, flank the tables on either side. If it is one tree, to the right of the tables will be ideal.

As crowds thin and your customer profile changes a bit, ideally, so does your merchandise selection. Being able to relate with your target audience and being relevant for the season is key.

With a dynamic display showcasing merchandise and reflecting the season, your customers will feel right at home in your store this fall.