March 22, 2022

New store, across the street from Scout headquarters, will serve as a billboard for the brand and the many retailers that carry the products.

Scout, the bag company known for its fun, fashionable prints and functional designs, has opened the doors of its flagship store in Washington D.C. The new store, which opened March 11, is located across from its headquarters in the Georgetown neighborhood.

“The opportunity presented itself in a unique way to have these spaces across the street from each other. We saw the potential to become the billboard for Scout here in Georgetown and have it be a destination for people who have seen the products in other great stores and portals and want to see it all together in a styled way,” says Scout Owner Deb Waterman Johns.

The store is located at 1027 33rd Street NW in an area with lots of pedestrian traffic, and the building’s large windows offer a canvas for displaying Scout products. “It’s almost like a fish bowl,” Johns says of the store layout. “You can come in and be a part of what makes Scout style the way we do and affiliate color the way we do.”

The light-and-airy shop is outfitted with a wrap-around shelf system, reminiscent of library shelves, where products can be easily displayed. A gallery wall of lifestyle imagery illustrates the brand feel — and of course includes dachshunds, which inspired the Scout logo.

Importantly, the Scout flagship store allows the company’s team to interact with customers and experience selling the product. “We can have those great conversations with customers and get feedback so we can better develop products,” Johns says, adding that customer insight also will help inform how products are organized in the store.

“This is a soft opening and we are looking forward to living in the space while getting a reaction, moving the product around, assorting the product in different ways that the customers are asking for, and then down the road we will plan to have an official opening,” Johns says.

The timing was right to open the doors now, however. “With holidays and celebratory moments coming up like graduations, Mother’s Day and spring breaks, people will need bags, and we are right here to support that,” Johns says.

Aside from experiencing the Scout brand and accessing all of its products in one space, the flagship store also includes a “back space” divided with a glass garage door where photo shoots take place. Customers can witness action. “They can see us shoot products for the upcoming season, see how we style and the interaction we have with the products to create the imagery,” explains Johns.

Overall, the Scout flagship store complements the way retailers are supporting the brand. “It doesn’t take away from other beautiful stores that have our products, it is a unique headquarter experience,” Johns says.

The headquarters store has been a long time in the making, according to Johns. The store is currently open Wednesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday 12 to 5 p.m.